Connect With Your Customers. Online and In-Store.

ActiveAdz is Unified’s Integrated Marketing Platform.  Our cloud-based marketing platform is your engine for connecting with customers when they are online or in your store. Web browsers offer Opt-In push notification to your visitors and in-store Wi-Fi video advertising drives in store sales with notifications direct to phones, video advertisements, and special offers.  

Our constant customer engagement process grows your Opt-In Notification database by thousands of subscribers every day.  Our industry leading web page tracking algorithm lets you create the most targeted notifications possible, making your notifications welcome and effective.

Your Guest Wi-Fi network is enhanced to becomes a digital marketing platform in the hands of your customers – without any additional investment in your existing Wi-Fi network. Think of it as a digital signage network – without the infrastructure and installation charges.

ActiveAdz is the missing element of your digital marketing strategy.  Call us today for a free consultation! you can be collecting Push Notifications subscribers in less than an hour with our Free 30-day trial! 

Opt-In. WEB-BASED PUSH notifications

Email is dead or dying.  It has become too cheap today and your emails are buried alongside 30 other emails delivered to your customer’s inbox last night. What’s the next big thing?  Push Notifications.

Reminders, purchase offers, complete the sale and “blue light special” offers are delivered right to the phone.  The notifications are delivered while the customer is in the store and long after they have left.  

Notifications don’t experience spam filter challenges and high deletion rates because they are all based on “Opt-In” subscriptions.  You most interested customers would like you to put your best offers and information right on the top of their screens.

Welcome to tomorrow’s best marketing platform. 

Wi-FI Video Advertising Drives RevenueS

Everybody wants free Wi-Fi. They want the speed, the data plan savings. And they also want deals.  Deals that you can show them during login. If your Wi-Fi is powered with ActiveAdz.

  • Our video advertisements have an 80% completion rate.
  • HD quality videos play on today’s mobile devices with ease.
  • All content is streamed from the cloud.
  • Our Managed Service offering means no new headcount to deliver.
  • Impactful. Targeted. Flexible.
  • Our Managed Service offering means no new headcount to deliver.

The content can be streamed to ten or 10,000 locations with ease, with ease, and without fail. Content can be refreshed frequently to keep customers logging on and staying on-site to shop longer.


After the Wi-Fi video ad completes the perfect landing page compliments the message with a CTA that drives in-store behavior and purchases.  The deal that only your “Wifi-ers” can see and use. Coupons are out. Emails are ineffective. But in-store CTA moves product.

  • “Screen-shot” coupons to avoid printing and shipping costs.
  • Liquidate old inventory by day’s end.
  • This is your virtual end cap that exists store-wide.
  • Announce your next event, product or discount here.
  • Change messages to A/B test.

The core of our platform is the ActiveAdz platform. Our short video to the right will show you why the move to ActiveAdz for your Guest Wi-Fi login process will put you on track for improved customer relations, revenue growth, and marketing effectiveness.

  • Cloud-based browser ad-insertion technology.
  • A new methodology for marketing, messaging and monetization.
  • No impact on bandwidth.
  • Simple deployment process.
  • Immediately effective.
  • Opt-In requests for Notifications.

Its high level of customization makes this a fit for even the most sensitive of brands.