Empowered Wi-FI  –  your message in the palm of their hands

Guest Wi-Fi is no longer considered a luxury for your guests. Now is the time to invest because Unified’s Wi-Fi marketing, messaging and monetization platform can provide the Return On Investment (ROI) that you have been missing. Finally, a way forward to leveraging your network investment, that until now, has been a sunk cost. Unified creates an immersive login experience for your guests that includes the video of your choice, that resolves to a landing page with a Call-To-Action (CTA) that will modify on premise guest buying behaviors.

The login can be set to create an advertisement experience to increase revenue or a messaging experience to increase participation. Either way, your revenues will increase by driving direct sales or event attendance. The higher the login count, the higher your revenues. Our platform requires no up-front capital investments such as servers or software. Your existing Wi-Fi network can typically be enabled in 30 minutes or less, across your entire hierarchical network.

The login process has not been monetized since inception.  The time for change is now.

The core of our platform is the ActiveAdz platform. Our short video to the right will show you why the move to ActiveAdz for your Guest Wi-Fi login process will put you on track for improved customer relations, revenue growth, and marketing effectiveness.

  • Cloud-based browser ad-insertion technology.
  • A new methodology for marketing, messaging and monetization.
  • No impact on bandwidth.
  • Simple deployment process.
  • Immediately effective.

Its high level of customization makes this a fit for even the most sensitive of brands.


Guest WiFi is your fastest path to increased profits, better social connections with your customers, and on-site promotion of key offerings. If all you are doing today is requesting acceptance of Terms and Conditions then you are wasting the most valuable marketing real estate in your locations, your customers’ mobile devices.

  • Video ads are set to generate $5 billion in 2017.
  • That’s an increase of over 50% from 2016.
  • Video ads from brands that your customers will recognize.
  • Revenues distributed monthly.

At the end of the month we analyze the ad revenues generated by the foot traffic at your locations and issue your share of the revenue. They higher the value of your demographic to advertisers the faster the ROI.  

   No Budget For Wi-Fi –  No Problem

IT says there is no money for the Wi-Fi network but your customers have been clamoring for it. The CFO says the budget is all allocated already.  And your competitors say “Come on over” to the customers that want the best experience.  

  • Use our cloud-based advertising platforms to close the gaps before you lose more customers.
  • Guest WI-Fi can make your location a destination.  
  • Today’s business people know where connections are available.  
  • Hotel guests now list free Wi-Fi as their top amenity.
  • Inexpensive wirless hardware makes it possible everywhere.

Your network is a workhorse

When you installed your network it was in the name of imporved customer satisfaction. But it was costly and now creates more headaches than it ever solved.

Now you can eliminate:

  • Usernames.
  • Passwords.
  • Customer frustration.
  • Bandwidth management.
  • IT meetings.  

Watch a video and get online.  That’s it. Simplicity at it’s finest.