Empowered Wi-FI  –  your message in the palm of their hands

Guest Wi-Fi is no longer considered a luxury for your guests. Now is the time to invest because Unified’s Wi-Fi Engagement Platform can provide the Return On Investment (ROI) that you have been missing. Finally, a way forward to leveraging your network investment, that until now, has been a sunk cost. Unified creates an immersive login experience for your guests that includes the video of your choice, that resolves to a landing page with a Call-To-Action (CTA), with an additional opportunity to “Opt-in” for notifications. The notifications can occur first while on-site and then follow the customer out the door. Our process will bring you closer to your most enthusiast customers than you ever thought possible.

Unified leverages the login process based on the desire for free Wi-Fi to create a re-marketable customer base through our Opt-In Notification process.  Approximately 20-30% of your visitors will “Opt-In” for notifications for special offers, loyalty points and reminders. Our technology can also be embedded in your eCommerce site to allow contious opportunities to re-engage customer that abandoned their shopping carts,

The login process has not been monetized since inception.  The time for change is now.



Everybody wants free Wi-Fi. They want the speed, the data plan savings. And they also want deals.  Deals that you can show them during login.

  • Our video ads have an 80% completion rate.
  • HD quality videos play on today’s mobile devices with ease.
  • All content is streamed from the cloud.
  • Impactful. Targeted. Flexible.
  • Our Managed Service offering means no new headcount to deliver.

The content can be streamed to ten or 10,000 location with ease, with ease, and without fail.  Content can be refreshed frequently to keep customers logging on and staying on-site to shop longer.


After the video ad completes the perfect landing page compliments the message with a CTA that drives in-store behavior.  The deal that only your “Wifi-ers” can see.  Coupons are out. Emails are ineffective. But in-store CTA moves product.

  • “Screen-shot” coupons to avoid printing and shipping costs.
  • Liquidate old inventory by day’s end.
  • This is your virtual end cap that exists store-wide.
  • Announce your next event, product or discount here.
  • Change messages to A/B test.

Opt-In. The new power of notifications

After the video and before the landing page offer is revealed, your guest is offered the chance to “Opt-In” for future notifications. This is the power of “Wi-Fi Engagement. Messages that feel like a text message on a mobile device that can drive an in-store activity like no other technology available today.  Here begins today’s customer relationship building process.  To extend the process even further embed our capability in your website as well.  Get back to the customer that left a full shopping cart at the check-out stage. 

Reminders, purchase offers, complete the sale and “blue light special” offers right to the phone.  While the customer is in the store. And after they leave.  

Notifications don’t experience spam filter challenges and high deletion rates because they are all based on “Opt-In” subscriptions.  Welcome to tomorrow’s best marketing platform. 

The core of our platform is the ActiveAdz platform. Our short video to the right will show you why the move to ActiveAdz for your Guest Wi-Fi login process will put you on track for improved customer relations, revenue growth, and marketing effectiveness.

  • Cloud-based browser ad-insertion technology.
  • A new methodology for marketing, messaging and monetization.
  • No impact on bandwidth.
  • Simple deployment process.
  • Immediately effective.
  • Opt-In requests for Notifications.

Its high level of customization makes this a fit for even the most sensitive of brands.