Turn your login into OPPortunity

ActiveAdz is your path to new marketing and messaging plays. Our platform allows you to leverage your existing marketing creatives in a powerful way. When your customer, citizen, student or guest logs on to the network he will see a welcome page with your logo, followed by a 15 or 30-second video advertisement, proceeds to a landing page with your Call-To-Action (CTA), then enjoys access to free Guest WiFi service. How could you NOT use this process to your advantage?


ActiveAdz brings advertisers to your customers’ mobile devices. Our cloud based servers identify a video ad that can be played on your device in under a second.   We block out ads from competitors and any inappropraite material to reflect well on your brand at all times. The interface is elegant and well designed to make the user experience an well received process.   It includes your logo on the initial screen to project the service oriented nature of your business as well.


Our ad serving platform pulls from  of millions of video ads available to us through Real Time Bidding Systems (RTB) and ad campaigns that we negotiate directly with advertising agencies. Our system determines the highest revenue producing ad available at that very moment, 7 x 24, maximizes revenue at every automated turn. We do it millions of times a day, so you don’t have to. Our reliable delievery will keep your guests on line, not at the front desk lodging a complaint


At the end of the month we receive revenues from our advertisers and we in turn share them with you. ActiveAdz is a service that costs nothing to install, asks nothing of your time after initial set up, yet generates cost free revenue from the first day of operation. While many products may improve your business, none can match the ROI of ActiveAdz. Start with a region and then grow to a national footprint. If you are a franchise-based orgainzation, the net new revenue will be a welcome relief from the rising costs your proud owners fight every day.


  • No passwords.
  • No system management.
  • No need to hunt for local advertisers.
  • No headaches.
  • Just new revenue.

Your New ActiveAdz Login Will Look Like This

1. Welcome with your logo

2. Brief video advertisement

3. We send customer to our choice of landing pages.