No one matches our completion rates. When your clients want their video watched to completion we deliver. Over 80% of our guests watch the video ad to completion. TV cannot compete with our delivery process

The reason? Our audience wants free Wi-Fi and they will gladly watch your short video ad to get it.  The tradeoff for watching a short advertisement in exchange for saving the costly data plans and gaining high-performance Wi-Fi makes this decision an easy one. And your client wins because of it.  We add full Google Analytics data and your choice of landing pages to complete the process and drive the buying action. 


Print ads, TV ads and digital signage all had their day.  But if it’s not on a mobile device it’s nearly invisible.

  • Measurable, mobile, relevant, and cost effective.
  • Direct linkage to existing plays to maximize ROIs
  • Opt-In PUSH Notification on landing pages gives the campaign new legs
  • Insert Notification request on main domain page and watch results soar


Your video ad can be followed with a perfectly matched landing page with a call to action that will make your KPI’s boom. We deliver the video, and the landing page of your choice and you do the measuring.

  • Full Google Analytics data linkage
  • Drive the idea straight to a shopping cart
  • Measure the results in near real-time
  • Test multiple video ad and landing page permutations


Captive is the keyword here. We bring your ads to your audience when they log onto a Guest WiFi network. For an hour of free Wi-Fi, customers will gladly view a video ad.  This is far less inconvenient than the typical internet login process.  Typing.  Emails. Phone number. Social.

  • Quick and easy login
  • No typing required
  • Video request just once a day
  • Mix it up to get the best results
  • Landing page – Survey, registration, coupon. Take your pick.

Advertise on OUR assets

We have several assets to run your ads on.  But our largest is LA Fitness across the nation. Our login system is installed at approximately 50% of their locations and we login tens of thousands of members per day. 

They watch a video followed by a landing page to gain access to free Wi-Fi.  This process is repeated on each visit and there are no SKIP options presented during the video.  It could be a perfect fit for your message.



  • Run an ad series sometimes, always, weekends or weekdays
  • Leverage existing digital creatives to control costs while extending reach
  • Change up landing pages to test new product launches
  • View login data in real time and monitor demographics