Target. Target. Target.

As our Network Host partner community grows, more options are becoming available. Each host receives a customized audience profile that will allow you to tailor your business to your clients. No more guesswork. You are no longer forced to display on websites based on pure volume. We can help you target a specific audience.


No one matches our completion rates. When your clients want their video watched to completion we deliver. Over 80% of our guests watch the video ad to completion. This dwarfs the performance of the same ad run on TV or on a website.

The reason? Our guests want free Wi-Fi. And they want it now. The tradeoff for watching a short advertisement in exchange for saving the costly data plans and gaining high performance Wi-Fi makes this decision an easy one. And your client wins because of it.


Your video ad can be followed with a perfectly matched landing page with a call to action that will make you KPI’s boom. We deliver the video, and the landing page of your choice and you do the measuring.

With Google Analytics embedded in our delivery pages we can show you and your client the who’s, how’s and why’s of your viewing audience. Age, gender, location and visit frequency data points are just the tip of the ice berg.

Our goal is to take the consumer from idea to purchase in under two minutes. Pick the one or all our networks to advertise on and share your content with us. We’ll do the rest.


Captive is the keyword here. We bring your ads to your audience when they log onto a Guest WiFi network. For an hour of free Guest WiFi customers will gladly view a couple display ads or video ads. They simply watch them to gain access. This is far less taxing than the typical internet video play that will call for a 30 second video to play before a 60 second news shorty.


Your digital ads have long been present on webpages. They have been buried amongst loads of text, images and videos. Today consumers are battling through all of this content and it’s becoming more and more difficult to get their attention. Using a Guest WiFi platform that features advertisements is the new way to get consumers’ absolute and complete attention. All they will be able to see when they connect is your business and your ads.


At Unified, we work with you to define an immersive experience that drives actions, not just impressions. We combine the creativity of your digital marketing with our platform to get video completion rates of 80% or higher! Each video can land on a custom URL for a Call-To-Action that is measurable and effective.


Our ad serving platform, coupled with our social media login setup can capture the consumer analytics you’ve always wanted. Our audience are clearly defined. Each of our Network Host partners has a demographic that is measured in far better terms than page views and Google analytics. You’ll recognize the brands we work with and the messaging opportunity will become crystal clear. And the captive nature of our audience will get you the impression counts and completion rates that will deliver results. Not just clicks.


Print ads? Dead. TV ads? Costly. Digital Signage? Name the last message you remember from a sign. If your message isn’t mobile and in the hands of your audience, your client might as well be invisible. Our approach is measurable, mobile, relevant, and cost effective. Tackle the marketing of the future, today.