Casino  Adz – Your Adz. Your network. Our service.

The most valuable advertising space in your casino is not on the walls or in the magazines. It’s right in the palm of your guest’s hands. Your guests are now “connected” at all times.  And they love their Free Wi-Fi.  Unified has married the desire for Free Wi-Fi with your need to fill seats and promote events.  It’s simple, clean and easy to install.  In fact we could be promoting your next show in less than an hour if you like.  Everything doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.  Easy does it just as well.

You have a big name in the theater.  But advertising budgets have tightened up. You have to get the word out.  And fast.  CasinoAdz can do it, with no printing, shipping or waiting.

  • Combine your video with a landing page for the perfect call-to-action.
  • Introduce a new act and land on the “buy tickets” page.
  • Flash a steak on the grill video and land on the reservation page.
  • Fill a cabana reservation with a pool video and a concierge number.

You have the event.  You know the schedule.  But your guests are in the dark. A brief video can enlighten them as soon as they check in.

  • Every Guest Wi-Fi user will know as soon as they login in their room.
  • Fill the seats at every table, even on the slow nights.
  • Point them to today’s training class schedule for beginners.
  • Let them know about upcoming events and show them the reservation page for that date.


Poolside is an oasis of revenue opportunities for the “connected guest”.  The phone is their new magazine to flip through.  

  • Why just a beer when a MaiTai would look undeniable in a video.
  • If plans aren’t solid for tonight on-premise activity video might help capture that “wandering” revenue.
  • Cabanas half full tomorrow?  Perhaps a discount is in order here.
  • Promoting the gift shops for the right look in the club may get the sales bump they need at the end of the month.