City adz

As you your city has sought to improve it’s Guest Wi-Fi services for the community only one thing has been missing: revenue nuetrality.  There was no way to offset the significant infrastructure costs of covering the city’s parks, pools, common areas and sports facilities.  Unitil now.  Unified’s CityAdz can generate new revenues or provide a new messaging platform to increase citizen engagement.

Unified’s CityAdz Guest Wi-Fi platform provides two ways to recover the initial investment.  Allowing us to provide display and video ads during the login process creates a revenue stream from Madison Avenue advertising firms to City Hall’s doorstep.  Alternatively you can use the login process to deliver messaging right to the hands of your citizens.  Either way, the city will be better off by increasing it’s services and it’s reach at the same time.

And will finally have a way to become revenue nuetral on this long-sought upgrade to city services.


If “show me the money” is a regular project killer in weekly staff meeting this might be the new, imagitive way to get things done in tight ecomonic times.

  • Unified finds the advertisers for you.
  • All ad content is filtered for all-age viewing.
  • No users names or passwords needed.
  • The revenues generated are shared with the city


If your city is unable to reecive external advertising revenues that doesn’t mean the Guest Wi-Fi system can’t pull it’s weight. It can be your most effective messaging platform or business promoter.

  • Concert in the park series begins July 17 – increased attendance.
  • Little league sign up closes this Friday – increased participation.
  • Voter registration closes November 1 – high voter turn out.
  • Play a video message from the mayor – increased connection.
  • Announce public works completion – increased awareness.

We manage the delivery and schedule so you don’t have to.  No additional headcount will be needed for this service enhancement.