CONVENTION  Adz – Your Adz. Your network. Our service.

The most valauble advertising space in your convention hall is probably not even in use. Put the ads where your exhibitors want them – on the attendee’s phone! This is a highly resellable asset for each and every convention that should be impacting your bottom line.

ConventionAdz is highly customizable solution can let you manage five or five hundred convention locations from a central location. Your convention centers guests have been clamoring for free Wi-Fi forever because the cell towers are overwhelmed during your events. But high capacity Wi-Fi networks are expensive to install. ConventionAdz is your high-performance solution to begin generating a new source of revenue immediately.

Add it to your sponsorship package today!

Imagine an immersive login experience that your largest exhibitors would compete for and pay premium prices to be the first to connect with each attendee. After selecting terms and Conditions the attendee would see a video of 15 to 60 seconds long of their choosing, with a landing page that can be sold together or independently.

An electronics show might have a major TV manufacturer running a video ad for an 80” OLED TV launch with a landing page asking to enter a drawing for a 65” 4K giveaway on night two at the booth at show closing. Just enter name, email and phone to be entered in the drawing. Imagine the consumer data growth in just a single show.

Unified manages the SaaS platform and all the convention marketing team needs to do is supply the video and landing page URL address. Each attendee’s demographics are captured at login via our embedded Google Analytics as well providing a wealth of insight just by logging in to the Wi-Fi system. After the show we provide a login for the portal to access the data for export and analysis. A more powerful, turnkey solution has not been seen in the convention marketing space to date.