Dealer Adz – Your network. Your ads. Our service.

You bought the wireless network that you customer’s demanded. And everyone is finally smiling. Except the CFO. No one ever demonstrated how the infrastructure was going to be paid for. But now you can show the CFO an ROI by showing more cars to potential buyers that are already on your lot. Right in their hands on their phones!

As customers linger during maintenance, finance processing or shopping they will now see ads that may well change their behavior on the spot. A weekend lease special, a service special, or a trade in offer may make a difference in the moment. And since the guest would like to access free Wi-Fi to reduce their data charges, our completion rates are better than 75 percent and our click through rates can be as high as 15 percent. These figures dramatically exceed performance metrics of similar placements on web pages and TV.

Your dealership likely already advertises on TV, radio, print and signage. With AutoAdz we can take your existing digital video and display content and put it in the hands of the customers buying TODAY, while they are at your dealership. Our platform rotates through all of your content to keep it fresh and relevant. It might include three national TV brand advertisements and three specials that only your dealership is offering. We can build your brand and your bottom line by interweaving your messages.

Our Managed Service offering insures timely content delivered from our SaaS platform that is redundant and scalable. We can service one dealership as easily as 1,000 dealerships, with consistent and reliable performance. Your team delivers a monthly digital inventory to Unified and we deliver the content across your dealerships. The ads can appear during login only or the can be a persistent presence during the web browsing experience. The choices are all yours.

    • There is no server or software to install.
    • No programming to do. Or people to hire.
    • We serve your content from our cloud.
    • Rotate multiple videos and display ads to fit the season.
    • Capture anonymous Google Analytic demographic data.

    If you would like to start leveraging your infrastructure to help you move more vehicles DealerAdz may be just the right fit. Call us today!