Fitness Adz keeps your budget in shape

Your members have come to expect Free Wi-Fi as part of their membership.  They ask when they consider joining and the stop by the front desk to ask why it’s not installed yet.  In the competitive world of fitness, you need every advantage to succeed. FitnessAdz creates a new revenue stream for you to help offset the cost of meeting this customer demand.  OurAdz streams video ads to your member’s phones while we share the revenue with you.  Let’s let Madison Avenue pay for your network upgrade! 

Save the data plan

Your members key a close eye on their data plans and they know that their daily workout is the biggest data consumer.  When they shop for a new club they inevitably ask about Free Wi-Fi now.  It’s hard to say how many people make their decision based on Wi-Fi availability, but we are sure it’s not zero. Every new customer is your most valuable customer so use Wi-Fi as a plus for your facilities. 

Simple implementation

Access points have become remarkably inexpensive.  A cloud-managed access point that can connect 50 members simultaneously can cost under $100.  Two years ago that would have cost $800 so your waiting has proved to be a good decision.

But waiting longer may well prove risky, now that the “connected member” has options in the marketplace. If you need help selecting technology we are here for you.

Improved messaging

Upgrade to our PLUS program and we can extend the customer engagement from just the login to the entire browsing session.

Secondary videos can run after a fixed amount of time and splash page overlays can announce special offers and operational changes.

They may not see it in your e-newsletter but thet will see it if it covers their screen!


We sell the ad space

  • No effort on your part.
  • No competitive ads. Ever.
  • No need to hunt for local advertisers.
  • We leverage your membership demographic.
  • Your revenue will go from zero to hero in no time flat.

Your New FitnessAdz Login Will Look Like This

1. Welcome with your logo

2. Brief video advertisement

3. We send member to landing page.