More Than Terms And Conditions

Most organizations just give away WiFi to their guests because they aren’t aware of other options. At Unified, we have a better idea. Guest WiFi and a simple login process creates the ultimate marketing opportunity for any business. Why waste all those electrons when we could be adding to your bottom line. Immediately.

It’s Easy To Get Started

If you have qualified wireless access points, we’re 95% done with setup already. If you don’t currently have a network, we can provide you with low-cost, cloud managed access points that will get the ball rolling. To say that the cost of high performance, enterprise class, cloud-managed access points have fallen would be a bit of an understatement. And by low we mean around one hundred dollars each.

Our goal is to make sure you are able to provide an important amenity to your clients while also generating profit for your business. Our pricing keeps your bottom line in mind.

Tell Us What You Want To Achieve

Embracing new technologies and processes can be intimidating. Unified is ready to partner with you in order to develop an experience that reflects your brand. It’s one thing to monetize your offering, it’s another thing to create a welcoming experience for your guest. At Unified, we pride ourselves on not only making WiFi valuable in terms of revenue, but for your customers as well.

We have two flavors of login processes. One delivers simple, cost-free profit growth. The other drives organic growth by connecting you with customers via Social Networking and then adding a SaaS marketing and demographic portal. Each can help you achieve different strategic goals. We’ll help determine which will work best for you. And if it needs to be customized to meet your needs that’s just what we will do.

We find the ads. You focus on customers

We have many advertising sources that are ready to utilize the empty spaces of your Guest WiFi landing page. Unified will filter, focus, and deliver the right ads to your customers. These ads will generate impression counts, click throughs, and revenue that will help grow your business. Ad networks, ad exchanges, and direct ad sales are all surveyed by Unified to find the best fit for your business.