Use Guest WiFi to offer the deal of the day, reward loyal customers, give them shopping tools, and drive your app downloads. View footfall maps and heat maps to track your customers’ movements graphically. With StoreAdz your guests will see the ads you want them to see, when you want them to see them.

We can blend your ads with external ads to keep the message fresh and profitable. Your suppliers would love to be on the mobile device as soon as your customer arrives at your store. And we can stream the ads that are ignored on TV but are effective on site. With newspaper readership way down it’s time to make the move to video.


Today’s business traveller has new priorities. Whether they are in the lobby or their room, they want WiFi. Free WiFi to be more specific. If you are still charging customers for WiFi you may want to consider that recent studies show that free WiFi is the top criteria for selecting a hotel for their trip. And burying the charge in a “resort charge” is doubly frustrating for the consumer.

WiFi represents a new avenue to revenue growth. Instead of charging $15 per day to access the WiFi network Unified can rearrange the compensation model to give your guests a more palatable path to connectivity. By delivering a brief video ad from our ad partners we can deliver monthly shared revenues to you based on the number of video ads delivered to your guests devices. And we can deliver those ads right over your existing enterprise-class access points.

After a 15 or 30 second process your guest is connected and ready to go. No more disputes at the front desk during checkout in front of other guests and no more bad Facebook posts about your facility. Just one more satisfied customer, that puts you on the top of the list on the return visit.


When your stadium or venue is rocking your users want to share their experience on social media, but they can’t if there’s no bandwidth. Viral marketing opportunities lost. An unrecoverable error. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. We can help by providing a full wireless network and/or an advertising platform to drive additional event revenues.

StadiumAdz can benefit artists, concession providers, and stadium sponsors alike. Entertainment venues carry tremendous partner advertiser opportunities as an extension of their message, right to the handset during the game or concert.


Audio and video streaming is an important part of many peoples’ workouts. It’s an easy decision for your members to look at a few advertisements in exchange for free Guest WiFi. Their data plan savings alone will keep them loyal to your organization when the competitors come knocking.

How many times a day does a member ask for Guest WiFi? How many times does it factor into a new member signing up? Fitness locations enjoy a well defined and highly sought after demographic that is focused on health, beauty, fitness and appearance.


Today’s healthcare facility must look to develop the “Connected Patient” model to compete effectively in a connected world. Visitors and patients alike are looking to make the most of their downtime and you can now provide it. They want to watch videos from Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, and YouTube while they wait. They want videos on their phone or laptop, and they want to stream them on a wireless network. 

HospitalAdz can create a revenue stream for the hospital that originates all the way back on Madison Avenue.  They already send advertising dollars to the TV networks that your patients are watching eighteen hours a day. HospitalAdz allows you to capture some of the advertising revenue by running millions of ads per day throughout your system to the mobile device of their choice.  

This is the shortcut to improved guest stay reviews and increased referrals. Our HospitalAdz PLUS implementation also allows the system to be used for messaging throughout the day with overlay ads. Call us today to discuss what a non-HIPPA compliant, guest network would look like in your world.


There is no avoiding a wait at a pharmacy. If you give your customers free Guest WiFi you will make twenty minutes feel like two minutes. Mobile phones have become the great distractor, as well as the most valuable advertising real estate in the world today. Together we can make that space generate revenue for your organization, while improving your customer experience. Imagine how many pharmaceutical suppliers want to present their products to your customers. How about your suppliers that have products on your shelves just a few steps away from the waiting area? With Guest WiFi advertising you can turn wait times into a better experience for customers and generate revenue. It’s a win-win.


Savvy grocery shoppers are demanding more and you can give it to them! A Guest WiFi login platform can deliver coupons to your customers’ phones immediately upon login. Children can get their iPads hooked up so Mom or Dad can shop in peace. Less screaming, more shopping.            

With  we  we can monetize your Guest WiFi offeringwith rotating promotional offers and ads directly from your suppliers, all where your customers are looking – their phone. Don’t just provide a network, leverage it. Beacon technology calls for the purchase, installation and maintenance of many, many devices. Why spend money on hardware when your customer already did that for you? Call us to discuss a path forward for you today.


As your guests await the start of the movie presentation your organization runs local ads from businesses around your facility. The big problem is obvious as you scan the audience while your adds play – no one is watching! They are all laser focused on their phones for texting, social networking and browsing. And they would rather do it on your network than the one the pay overage charges for every month. StadiumAdz can give you a new source of revenue by allowing you to sell that valuable Wi-Fi sponsorship package to all the organizations that fill your concession stands. And what better place to play a preview than where they are looking? Studios and concession partners would welcome the opportunity to be on your guest’s mobile device screens. Unified makes it possible.


You guests are asking for it. You know you need it. But with your location count it’s going to be a big number to get it up and running. What’s missing is an ROI that the CFO keeps asking for. Unified can get your guests what they want while they wait, dine alone or keep the kids entertained on iPads – free WiFi, with a payback.

StoreAdz provides a simple video ad of 30 seconds while your guests wait to get logged in to the network. No passwords or codes. Just connect, view an ad and your guests are on the way. And online. Right where they want to be. The revenue share provided by Unified from the advertising impressions will pay for the wireless investment before your know it. The higher your foot traffic, the faster the payback.