Stadium Adz – Your network. Your adZ. Our service.

Your fans demanded free Wi-Fi to post all their social media during your events. So you finally wired up the facility and everyone is happy. Except your CFO. It was expensive and there was no path to an ROI. Until now.  We have created a new source of sellable advertising space, and it is right on your fan’s phones. Your advertising team will love the high completion rate coupled with a call to action for your biggest sponsors.

Your ad sales team already sells ad space on the scoreboard, on the walls, in the printed program, and on the digital signage spread throughout the stadium.

Why not let them sell video ads and display ads on the fan’s phones?

Where better to play an ad than on the very phones that the fans are staring at throughout the game?

StadiumAdz has no additional infrastructure cost associated with it. The fans have already paid for it for you! Their phone can now become your best ad placement for your existing sponsors.

There is no need for new software, new servers or new wireless access points. We serve the ads that your team sells from our SaaS platform in the cloud.

A simple redirect from your current landing page to our SaaS platform and the ads can be served immediately. Image a video from a sponsor followed by splash page with a related offer. A car video advertisement with a special offer coupon on the landing page or a link to an inventory page.

It’s completely customizable to your sponsor’s desires and can change for every event. We can also provide Google Analytics data to help them learn more about their audience than ever thought possible with traditional media like TV.

We can limit the experience to just the login process or we can create a more persistent presence with splash ads during browsing, videos after a specific usage period, such as an hour, to give two to ten times the impression rates during a multi-hour event. The choice is all yours.

If you would like to start leveraging your infrastructure to help your ad revenues, StadiumAdz may be just the right fit. Call us today!