Store Adz – Your network. Your ads. Our service.

StoreAdz adds a new dimension to direct customer communication by putting your most timely and vibrant ads right in the hands of your customers. We use your store Wi-Fi network to show video and display ads to your customer’s as they login on to your Free, In-store Wi-Fi network. What better place for your advertisements than in the store where you can impact an imminent decision to buy

Your wireless infrastructure was expensive to install and continues to be a drain economically, as bandwidth and network management costs are perpetual costs. And has likely never produced a return of any kind. Until now.

StoreAdz leverages your investment by inserting the content you want, where you want it – on your customer’s phones. We know that’s where everyone is looking. So why install digital signage that everyone walks right by? Or posters that no on notices. The costs and management of content and media distribution alone can consume marketing personnel’s time just to keep up with tomorrow’s deals.

With StoreAdz you simply share your monthly content with us in the form of videos and display ads and we mage the insertion process from our SaaS platform that is built for you. The content is always fresh and dynamic and can change customer behavior on the spot.

We can insert video content at the login point only, or we can drive a more persistent experience by continuing the ad presence throughout the browsing experience. The choice of experience is entirely up to you to ensure the brand you built stays just the way you like it.

There are no servers or software to install. No programming to do. Or people to hire. We serve your content from our SaaS system in the cloud. We can rotate multiple videos and display ads to fit the season. We also capture anonymous Google Analytic demographic data which is shared with you for analysis.