People staring at their phones is the new normal. Have you noticed? So have we. That habit has created the most valuable advertising space in the world, without exageration. We can leverage the value of this phone real estate through dynamically served and qualified video advertising

Get in on mobile ads now

Mobile ads are growing annually at an exponential rate. If you are providing a Guest WiFi network, you should be taking a slice of that revenue growth. You don’t need a degree in marketing or relationships with advertisers to make that happen.All you need is to be part of the Unified advertising network.

Limitless supply of ads

Our platform does the work of finding and presenting advertisements on your network. There are hundreds of ad sources available and plenty of ad agencies that want to use your network. Put us to work for you. It really is that easy.

Your customers are valuable

An advertiser is willing to spend more when he knows the demographics of an audience. You know your customers and we can use that data to secure a valuable advertising partnership. The more relevant the ad, the higher the shared revenue. Advertisers no longer want to advertise to web pages. They want to advertise to a specific audience. Like yours.

Give them WiFi, your way

You know your customers want WiFi and they ask for it every day. So give it to them, but don’t provide  it to them for free! Our platform relies on a simple value premise: Watch an ad. Get free WiFi. Save their data plan. Improve their speed. That’s a pretty good deal in the eyes of most of today’s mobile consumers.

Ad it up

We make your Guest WiFi initial landing page all about you. There is even an opportunity for your company’s advertisements to be included in our ad stream in order to keep you business growing. After all, who better to advertise to than the customers you are serving right now?