your best advertising, right in their hands.


Your customer is in your store.  You offer them free Wi-Fi.  But you receive no benefit in return!

YourAdz can change that for you.  We can make your Guest Wi-Fi login process the most powerful, direct and cost-effective marketing platform you have ever deployed. Our Managed Service offering gets you out of the coding business and back into the marketing business.

Your site. Your message.

  • You send the video and landing page links.
  • We serve and manage the ads from our cloud.
  • We update as you see fit to keep YOUR content current.
  • We compile user data for market analysis.


Modify in-store behavior

These video drive results.  In just 30 seconds you can turn a browsing customer into a buying loyalist.      

  • Flexible and fast updates.
  • Timely offers by region or nation.
  • Meaningful CTAs.
  • Increased store revenues.


Promote shelf partners

This space can also be sold to your in-store partners to promote their products.  Think of it as an “end cap” in the hands of your customers.

  • Trial offer.
  • New Products.
  • Limited time offers.
  • In-store offers.
  • “Guest Wifi Users Only” specials.

Customize it

The system is highly customizable to help you meet both your marketing goals as well as your branding goals.  Your brand is important and only you can properly design the type and frequency of advertising your customers should see. With YourAdz the experience will be exactly as you like it.  Your process may be limited to just the login experience itself or it could follow the user throughout the browsing experience.

The data captured through the login experience will provide new insights into your customer profile. Google Analytics will create a crystal clear profile of your guests and extend a rich data set to your Marketing Department that can be exported or analyzed via our portal in near real-time.