Connect With Your Customers. Online and In Store.

ActiveAdz is your new marketing platform of choice.

It creates a connection between in-store and online customers,

to become a full ecosystem of customer engagement.

Web push notifications tempt your customers with highly targeted offers.

The Wi-Fi network is now your storewide virtual “end-cap” and signage system.

PUSH Notifications

Email is going straight to the junk folder. The world has moved on to PUSH Notifications to bypass spam and junk folders. It could be the missing link in your marketing strategy.

  • Reminders, purchase offers, complete the sale and “blue light special” offers
  • Send notification while the customer is known to be in store.
  • Direct links to hot sale items and abandoned shopping carts.
  • Highly targeted and easy segmentation.

Your most interested customers would like you to put your best offers and information right on the top of their screens. Start your 30-day free trial today!

Wi-Fi Advertising

Everybody wants free WiFi. They want the speed, the data plan savings. And they also want deals.  Deals that you can show them during the login process.  But only if your WiFi is powered with ActiveAdz.

  • Impactful. Targeted. Flexible. Cost-effective.
  • Your videos will have an 80% completion rate.
  • HD quality videos deliver beautiful images.
  • All content is streamed from the cloud.
  • Easily updated to keep content fresh and exciting.
  • No new servers or software to install.
  • Opt-In PUSH Notification grows your best database every day.

The content can be streamed to 10 or 10,000 locations with ease and without fail. Start your 30-day free trial today!

Landing Pages That Work

Use your landing page to move your customer.  This is the most valuable advertising real estate in the store and now you can use it to impact the bottom line.  Your WiFi network can finally the ROI that was missing when you installed it for your customer’s convenience.

  • Advertise. Monetize. Inform. Connect.
  • “Screen-shot” coupons to avoid printing and shipping costs.
  • A virtual end cap that exists store-wide.
  • Announce your next event, product or discount here.
  • Change messages to do A/B testing.
  • Liquidate old inventory by day’s end.

Start your 30-day free trial today!

Data At Your Fingertips

Knowing your ever-evolving customer base is more challenging than ever.  But it’s crucial to keep your business focused on the right audience at all times. Connecting with the right customer, with the right data at exactly the right time is the always elusive goal.  ActiveAdz reduces the size of your data pile with an eye on increasing sales and performance in our portals.

  • Full demographic data through Google Analytics to extend your data set.
  • Real-time login in information through the Google portal.
  • Full URL tracking to target the audience with more precision than previously thought possible.
  • An API to connect your backend systems with PUSH Notification technology.
  • Monthly analysis of usage counts and click-through rates.

Too much data is worse than no data at all. ActiveAdz gives you just the data you need to win. Start your 30-day free trial today!