PUSH Notifications and Wi-Fi video advertising

ActiveAdz is your path to new marketing and messaging plays. This platform bridges the gap between online and in-store shoppers by pouring the data collected into a singular database for remarketing in perpetuity with unlimited notifications.

Online, an Opt-In Notification request on your site will begin the on-going conversation that your most loyal followers will see right oat the top of the screens.  Five to fifteen percent will subscribe to receive your important notifications with a single click. And 5-8% of your abandoned shopping carts can be converted to revenue before the opportunity is lost forever.

In-Store or On-Premise, your customer, citizen, student or guest will see a 30-second video of your choosing, then proceed to a landing page with your call-to-action, and then enjoys access to your free guest Wi-Fi service. Drive revenue and attendance increases with timely offers for “Wi-Fi shoppers.”

Let the ROI begin.

PUSh notifications. Better than email.

  • One click and the guest is a subscriber
  • No typing, typos or second thoughts
  • No trouble tickets because there are no data entry errors
  • Up and running with a snippet of javascript code insertion for your home page
  • Send unlimited PUSH notifications to an ever-growing database


ActiveAdz brings your message to your customers’ mobile devices. Our cloud based servers play your video ad in under one second.  This is your storewide “virtual end-cap” and every Wi-Fi user sees your full creative video ad to the end, as we don’t allow skipping.

  • Dynamic content management via our portal
  • Multiple videos in the cycle at once
  • Move the revenue needle in brick and mortar facilities
  • Measure your results and tune the process to maximize results


You responded to customer requests for free Wi-Fi in all of your stores to stop the complaints.  But now you can use it to impact sales while customers are in your facilities.  This is a marketing play that will deliver a both short-term sales as well as stronger vendor relations.

  • Focus customers on your most important offer as soon as they walk in.
  • Engage them with special “Wi-Fi only” offers to drive connections
  • Sponsorships with vendors to create new revenue streams
  • Assist charities with shared video space and contribution landing pages


ActiveAdz is a service that needs no new servers or software to boot up.  Our cloud servers store and deliver your media with no burden on existing personnel.  Embedding our PUSH Notification software on your website takes minutes to install and initiate. You can be gaining subscribers from the first moment you hit “Save and Exit” in your web management tool.

  • Subscribers “Opt-in” with a single click and no data entry
  • Your database is easily accessible for marketing and analysis via our portal
  • Marketing messages are reinforced over Wi-Fi with landing page coupons
  • Automated messaging options keep the system producing when you get busy



  • No passwords
  • No system management
  • No trouble tickets
  • No weekend issues
  • Just new revenue

Your New ActiveAdz Login Will Look Like This

1. Welcome with your logo

2. Brief video advertisement

3. We send customer to a choice of landing pages.