Your Adz. Your network. Our service.

Stop wasting money on emails that aren’t read and digital signage that isn’t seen.You have your Guests right in the palm of their hands. Literally.  We serve your video of choice right to their phone at Wi-Fi login.  No need to alienate Guests with exorbitant fees for Wi-Fi.  Hand it to them for free – with your message built into the login. 

Play a clip from your show.  Show a quick video of a sizzling steak. Show the excitement of a craps table at 2 AM.  Add a coupon for 2 for 1 drinks at the sports bar.  Why ask for $10 for use of the Wi-Fi when you could grab a dinner reservation?

Push the Big Events

You have a big name in the theater. But advertising budgets have tightened up. You have to get the word out. And fast. CasinoAdz can do it, with no printing, shipping or waiting.

  • Combine your video with the perfect offer
  • Introduce a new act and land on the “buy tickets” page.
  • Promote VIP benefits
  • Announce last minute availability
  • Promote next month’s concert to concert-goers!

no more empty seats

You have the event. You know the schedule. But your guests are in the dark. A brief video can enlighten them as soon as they check in.

  • Every Guest Wi-Fi user will know at login 
  • Give your best slot players one more reason to play
  • Use training class schedule to move beginners
  • What’s up tomorrow, next week and next month
  • Announce last nights big winner. Make it real!

opportunity knocks

Poolside is an oasis of revenue opportunities for the “connected guest”. The phone is their new magazine to flip through.

  • A Mai Tai would look undeniable in a video
  • Reservations for dinner web pages right after login
  • Perhaps a discount to fill unreserved cabanas
  • Drive traffic to the gift shops for a new outfit for tonight
  • Announce trivia contests with prizes to drive interest