Your Sponsor Adz. Your network. Our platform.

The most valuable advertising space in your convention hall is probably not even in use today. Put the ads where your exhibitors want them – on the attendee’s phone! This is a highly resellable asset for each and every convention that should be impacting your bottom line.

You have already invested in your Wi-Fi network.  Let’s put it to work.


ConventionAdz is highly-customizable solution can let you manage five or five hundred convention locations from a central location. ConventionAdz is your high-performance solution to begin generating a new source of revenue immediately.

  • Begin generating a new source of revenue immediately
  • Add it to your sponsorship package as your best offer
  • Grow sales by five figures with every convention
  • No upfront investment in hardware or software to win



Imagine an immersive login experience that your largest exhibitors would compete for and pay premium prices to be the first to connect with each attendee. Touch most attendees phones before they even enter the exhibit hall.

  • Drive traffic to the sponsor’s booth
  • Offer a drawing on the landing page to collect email addresses
  • Use PUSH Notification for key announcements during the show


Everyone waiting to get free Wi-Fi will watch the video to the end.  Our system precludes skipping, meaning that 80% of the audience will see the entire video.

  • Impactful video messaging is received. Loud and clear.
  • Bluetooth headsets will deliver the audio. Loud and clear.
  • Google Analytics results delivered in real-time. Loud and clear.