Use Wi-Fi to move More vehicles

Your lot is filled with assets that you need to move. But every customer that walks on the lot is staring at their phone instead of your assets. It’s time to put your Wi-Fi network to work. 

Imagine if every time your guest logged onto your Wi-Fi network they would see a video advertisement of your new lease promotion. Or a video of the car that has been on the lot way too long. While they wait for service they are going to log in, right? No better place to offer a guest four tires for the price of three than when their car is already on the rack!

Video Works

  • Use your existing video content
  • Use the national TV ad running now from HQ
  • Show a video of this month’s lease special
  • Show the oldest vehicle on the lot
  • Explain a hybrid in 30 seconds
  • Meet the employee of the month

Landing Pages Are Powerful

  • Announce a recall
  • Ask for a referral on the landing page with a $200 bonus
  • Free appraisal on your vehicle during servicing
  • Register for giveaway to capture email
  • Runa  contest to create engaging experience
  • Offer coupon for next oil change
  • Screenshots to avoid printing and distribution

Managed Services Makes It Easy

  • Our offering ensures timely content
  • Update weekly or monthly
  • Redundant and scalable architecture
  • Your team delivers  digital inventory to Unified via portal
  • We deliver the content across all of your dealerships
  • Service one dealership as easily as 1,000 dealerships

Easy to Install and Use

  • No servers or software to install
  • No programming to do
  • No people to hire
  • Content served from our cloud
  • All data saved for reuse
  • Capture anonymous demographic data
  • Portal allows easy access to Notification tools

If you would like to start leveraging your infrastructure to help you move more vehicles, DealerAdz may be just the right fit.

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