Fitness Adz keeps your budget in shape

Your members have come to expect Free Wi-Fi as part of their membership.  They ask when they consider joining and the stop by the front desk to ask why it’s not installed yet.  In the competitive world of fitness, you need every advantage to succeed.

FitnessAdz creates a new member connection that will cut down attrition rates and alerts members to new offerings. Drive personal training, pilates attendance and offer 2 for 1 specials to grow your base.

Save the Data (Plan)

Your members key a close eye on their data plans and they know that their daily workout is the biggest data consumer. When they shop for a new club they inevitably ask about Free Wi-Fi now. 

  • Lead with service offerings like Wi-Fi
  • Encourage full audio and video streaming in workouts
  • Grow PUSH Notification database for well received, timely updates
  • Offer the login experience to local businesses for sponsorship 
  • Drive traffic to online stores to increase supplement sales

Simple implementation

Access points have become remarkably inexpensive. A cloud-managed access point that can connect 50 members simultaneously can cost under $100. Now is the time to put in your “virtual billboard” system.

  • No software or servers to install to get up and running
  • Your ROI begins on Day One.
  • Our Managed Services means now new headcount
  • Repurpose existing digital media creatives


Email doesn’t reach your audience with nearly the effectiveness it once did.  SPAM filters, changing addresses, overflowing inboxes.  Face it, it’s time for a change.

  • PUSH Notifications experience no SPAM filters
  • Unlimited notifications under all plans
  • Highly targeted offerings, with website visits tracked closely
  •  Talk with only those that ASK to hear from you

Your New FitnessAdz Login 

1. Welcome with your logo

2. Brief video advertisement

3. We send member to landing page.