A powerful sponsorship and patient opportunity


Hospitals have a large captive audience that represents a tremendous opportunity for connection and communication.  Offering patients 7 x 24 access to high-speed Guest Wi-Fi outside of your HIPPA network creates a multitude of opportunities.  Patient satisfaction level increases with access to their life through their Wi-Fi connection. 

The login process can be used to inform members of suggested treatments, like flu shots, or it can be sold to sponsors such as drug manufacturers for enhanced profitability.  Imagine the power of their video ads right in the hands of patients during their stay with you.

The Connected Patient

Your patients are watching TV from their bed 18 hours a day when they would rather be streaming Netflix, checking email and surfing the web. Help them while you heal them.

  • Create a new revenue stream
  • Deliver powerful health messaging at login
  • Extend partnerships via login sponsorships.
  • Analyze patient demographic data
  • Improve customer satisfaction ratings

visitors are potential members

Your patients have guests that wait hours for the completion of procedures while in your facilities.  Our Opt-In Notification Platform creates the most highly targeted, cost-effective database available for your new member drives

  • Request Opt-In for notifications to send them offers
  • Remind them of options during Open Enrollment
  • Offer a health assessment to bring them into your family
  • Notify visitors of educational seminars


When patients check in they do not want their world to come to a halt. They want to make the outside world think they are not on the inside of your hospital.

A connected patient:

  • Calls the nurse much less often
  • Tells their friends and family about your facility
  • Is less anxious when they are recovering


Whether you have five of five hundred facilities the setup can be accomplished with a few simple adjustments to your central Wi-Fi controllers.

  • Cloud-based services keep it simple
  • No new servers or software to install
  • Improve performance with no new headcount
  • ROI starts on Day One