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It’s time to start asking your website visitors to Opt-In for PUSH notifications. Five to twenty percent of visitors will join you with a single click. No data to enter.  Just a request to be kept up to date on your specials and important information.  Customers like timely, relevant information – and that’s what PUSH notifications deliver. 

Make your guest feel important from the minute they book a room by using PUSH notifications to drive special offers and VIP treatments. The notifications land right on their devices for a quick look and click through to your landing page of choice. 

Unified can also PUSH a video message to your guests over guest wifi about your facility.  Each time your guests log in to your Wifi network you could be delivering a powerful idea right to the palm of their hands.  And everyone will watch a brief video ad to gain Wifi access!   Partner with Unified on your digital marketing assets for impact.

WEB PUSH Notifications

PUSH notifications can keep your guests informed on all that has changed in their reservation before they arrive. Eliminate surprises and keep your guests happy.

  • Announce last minute availability and discounts
  • Notify guests of special offers and events before they arrive for planning
  • Allow nearby restaurants to advertise if your facility is unavailable. 
  • Sell advertising space to activity companies that enhance your guest’s visit
  • Partner with event promoters to make you fan headquarters for the next event!

Powerful Guest Wifi

You are likely giving away your network access away for free right now. And while it may be free, that doesn’t mean it can be the newest producing member of your team soon!

  • Use the digital video ad to promote on-site restaurants 
  • Drive traffic to the gift shops for a new outfit for tonight
  • Encourage a re-booking with a discount on our customizable landing page
  • Use Facebook pixels to find your way into the guest’s Facebook newsfeed
  • Remind your guests that the meeting facilities are available with an inquiry page
  • Sell the ad cycle space to a luggage supplier, car rental company or national entertainment venue. 

 Meeting and Banquets

There is no bad time to present your revenue generating facilities to your guests.  Sales meetings, weddings, training sessions, and celebrations all get booked by people just like those logging on every day.

  • Discount a facility for first-time bookers.
  • Ask for a meeting right NOW with the facility manager
  • Build in PUSH notifications requests to keep them in the loop
  • Offer the login process as part of the meeting service package
  • Speakers can sell their materials with a video and a landing page