Easy Installation

Unified’s ActiveAdz PUSH notification platform is supported on nearly any website. Simply install our tracking code with a few lines of javascript and you’ll be up within minutes. Want to make things even easier? Install our Wordpress plugin and get set up with just a few clicks! Everything doesn’t have to be complicated.  ActiveAdz requires no new hardware or software to buy to get going.  Chances are you will be up and running in 30 minutes. We keep it simple! If you would like to see a 30-minute portal demonstration just click here.

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Acquire Subscribers

Gain new subscribers with just one click. No need for inputting of email, phone numbers or passwords to join. Leverage powerful built-in lead enrichment data to group them into custom segments based on page views, geolocation, visit dates or even specify your own custom events or attributes. Every day your database builds with no effort on your part and the subscribers you gain in the process will become your most valuable customers, as they have asked you to contact them.  

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Engage Subscribers

Your notifications are delivered to all of your subscribers right to their desktop or their mobile devices which – when clicked – drive them back to your website to see the information of your choice.  Urgent notices, special offers, product updates – it’s your call how to use the notifications. If you have a shopping cart or reservation system, you could convert 5-8% of those that abandoned the shopping process using PUSH notifications!

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