Stop Wasting The Login Process

In the world of Guest Wi-Fi the login process is the shortcut to new revenues.  Mobile video advertising is exploding, IT budgets are tight, and customers want to protect their cell phone data plans.  It is the perfect storm of opportunity to monetize your Guest Wi-Fi investment.

In exchange for FREE Guest Wi-Fi guests are very willing to watch a 30-second video advertisement on their mobile device or laptop. We can insert our video ads to generate revenue for you or we can serve your ads to drive on site revenue growth. The choice is all yours. 

Your adz

If you would prefer that your guests view videos related to the products that fill your shelves in your store, we can help there too. What better time and place to advertise to a customer than when they are in your facility?  The login process can be customized with your logo and content to maximize your return.

We store and manage your content from the cloud and serve the ads in less than one second.

Our adz

Our “network of networks” delivers video and display ads from a wide variety of sources. It may come from an ad network partner or it may be the result of a Madison Ave. advertising agency looking to communicate with your customers in the palm of their hands.  The more interested they are in your customer, the greater the ROI.

The best part is that we do all the legwork for you.  No need to have a staff member try and find local advertisers.  We will bring national advertisers right to your door.  The video ads your guests will see are the same that fill the television shows they watch.  No need to overcomplicate things. Login, view ad, get connected. Everybody wins.

No printing. No shipping

You can say goodbye to printing and shipping deadlines.  We deliver from the cloud on a moments notice, so your new deadline is no deadline. Use the beautiful video and HTML content that you have already created and put it right in the hands of your customers.

Our 80%+ completion rates will go much further than your investment in the bottom of the page of a high traffic website.  And our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will shine at the next team meeting.  Because it’s hard to argue with success.