What it means

This error means there is a missing or invalid unifiedps-manifest.json file. This may severely impact optin rates.

How to fix

There are several potential reasons that could cause this error to occur.

Reason #1 – You have not yet uploaded the unifiedps.manifest.json file.

How to fix: Verify that you’ve uploaded the file and that is available at yoursite.com/unifiedps-manifest.json. (Not sure where to grab the file? Check out: https://documentation.unifiedps.com/docs/adding-a-website)

Reason #2 – You have an existing manifest.json file on your site which is causing a conflict.

How to fix: Since there can only be one “manifest” file per site, you’ll need to combine the unifiedps-manifest.json file and your existing file.

Step 1) Locate your existing manifest file.

To do so, view your website’s source code and look for something that says <link rel=”manifest”>. Here is an example of a site where you can clearly see it pointing to an existing manifest file.

Step 2) Add “gcm_sender_id” to existing manifest.

Now, we simply need to add the “gcm_sender_id” portion of the unifiedps-manifest.json file to your existing manifest. (You can find the unifiedps-manifest.json file in your dashboard under Websites > Edit > Installation.

For instance, let’s say your existing manifest.json file looks like this:

Then you would update it to look like this:

Simply save and upload the new manifest file to the location that was specified in Step 1.

Need help?

As always, if you need any help please reach out to support@unifiedps.com