Your network. Our service. Your notifications.


StoreAdz adds a new dimension to direct customer communication by putting your most timely and vibrant ads right in the hands of your customers. We use your store Wi-Fi network to show video and display ads to your customer’s as they log in on to your free, in-store Wi-Fi network. What better place for your advertisements than in the store, where you can impact an imminent decision to buy?


StoreAdz leverages your investment by inserting the content you want, where you want it. We know that’s where everyone is looking. So why install digital signage that everyone walks right by without noticing? 

  • Your video ad on your customer’s phones.
  • Update frequently to keep content fresh
  • Impact buying decisions far better than emails
  • Just pennies per login
  • Easy to use portals for media management
  • Repurpose existing corporate content

EASy to manage

With StoreAdz you simply share your monthly content with us in the form of videos and display ads and we manage the insertion process for you from our Content Cloud. 

  • Weekly content updates that match inventory goals
  • Use your existing pages or we can create them for you
  • Powerful landing page options to capture data and drive activity
  • PUSH Notification database growth every day
  • Couple in-store and online buying processes

forget printing and shipping

With on phone coupons, printing and shipping costs are dramatically reduced.  Screen shot the landing page with a coupon code and show it to the cashier.  Logistics are over rated.

  • A “virtual end-cap” viewable store wide
  • Maximum flexibility to keep content relevant
  • Special deals and Notifications for “Wi-Fi shoppers
  • Stay connected after Wi-Fi use with PUSH notifications

Keep it simple

There are no servers or software to install. No programming to do. Or people to hire. We serve your content from our cloud. 

  • Bridge the digital divide with consistent messaging
  • Online and in-store shoppers become one
  • Send PUSH Notifications to detected Wi-Fi connections
  • Follow up visits with thank you Notifications