Your network. Your sponsor adZ. Our platform.

Your fans demanded free Wi-Fi to post all their social media during your events. So you finally wired up the facility and everyone is happy. Except for your CFO. It was expensive and there was no path to an ROI. Until now.  

We have created a new source of sellable advertising space, and it is right on your fan’s phones. Your advertising team will love the high completion rate coupled with a call to action for your biggest sponsors. 

a New ad revenue source 

Your ad sales team already sells ad space on the scoreboard, on the walls, in the printed program, and on the digital signage spread throughout the stadium.

  • Extend the scoreboard advertisers to a new platform
  • New revenue right out of thin air
  • Bring in local advertisers with ease
  • Promote non-related events to grow new audiences
  • Present ticket discounts for future events.

ROI on wi-fi. finally.

StadiumAdz has no additional infrastructure cost associated with it. The fans have already paid for it for you! Their phone can now become your best ad placement for your existing sponsors.

  • Promote souvenir sales late in the game to drive sales
  • Analyze demographic data by game or time period
  • Clear food inventory before with PUSH Notifications 

sponsors need new media

Imagine a video from a sponsor followed by splash page with a related offer. Or a car video advertisement with a special offer coupon on the landing page or a link to an inventory page right across the street.

  • Adjust advertiser targets seasonally
  • Run sample campaigns with little effort
  • Combine PUSH Notifications with ad campaigns
  • Offer free shipping to marry in-park and online shopping


We can customize the login experience to meet your client demands. And we can blend several campaigns together to grow revenues from smaller businesses.

  • Grow client relationships through the creative process
  • Revive stalled sales processes
  • Keep changing it – there’s no printing involved! 
  • Stop wasting those electrons